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The Salt Wash Company

Marine Starter Pack

Marine Starter Pack

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Introducing the "Marine Starter Pack" – Elevate Your Marine Care Regimen with Essential Solutions!

Navigate the world of marine care with confidence using our "Marine Starter Pack." This all-inclusive package equips you with the fundamental tools you need to uphold peak performance and protection for your marine assets.

Inside the "Marine Starter Pack," you'll find:

1L Marine Wash: Dive into a world of pristine surfaces with our powerful Marine Wash. Crafted to lift dirt, combat salt build up, and inhibit corrosion, this 1-litre formula ensures your vessel shines both inside and out.

1L Engine Flush: Unlock optimal engine performance with our 1-litre Engine Flush. Designed to dissolve deposits and safeguard vital components, it's the key to a smoother, more efficient marine journey.

Foaming Spray Gun: Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Foaming Spray Gun. This versatile tool helps you apply products evenly and thoroughly, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Engine Flush Attachment: Seamlessly integrate our Engine Flush formula with the Engine Flush Attachment. Engineered for efficient application, it allows you to enhance your engine's longevity and reliability effortlessly.

Embrace convenience and excellence in one comprehensive package – the "Marine Starter Pack" by The Salt Wash Company. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a leisure enthusiast, this pack empowers you to take your marine care to the next level and blast the salt away. Elevate your marine journey – choose quality, choose innovation, and choose The Salt Wash Company.

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