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The Salt Wash Company

Engine Flush Kit

Engine Flush Kit

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Engine Flush | Best Outboard Cleaning Solution (Size)


Engine Flush Kit!! Great combo for keeping your outboard at top performance!

Experience the pinnacle of engine care with "Engine Flush" by The Salt Wash Company. Engineered to optimise performance and extend marine engine lifespan, this advanced formula provides thorough cleaning while safeguarding critical components.

Key Features:

Enhanced Cleaning: Elevate your marine engine's performance to its prime. "Engine Flush" is infused with specialised ingredients that penetrate and dissolve accumulated deposits, and contaminants, ensuring your engine operates efficiently.

Corrosion Defence: Guard against the insidious effects of corrosion. Our formula includes ingredients that form a protective barrier, shielding your marine engine from the harsh forces of rust and corrosion for optimal functionality.

Ease of Application: Elevate your maintenance routine without hassle and blast the salt away. "Engine Flush" is designed for simple and effective application, ensuring that you can optimize your marine engine with ease.

Upgrade your marine engine's performance and protection with "Engine Flush" by The Salt Wash Company. Whether you're a marine enthusiast seeking reliable power on the water, our product is your key to unlocking peak engine potential.

How to use ENGINE FLUSH:

1) Add 50-80ml into the Engine Flush Attachment.

2) Attach to outboard earmuffs/flush point or jet ski engine flush fitting.

3) Run engine as per manufacturer recommendations.

4) Finish flush by running solution through engine.

Check with manufacturer on engine running times while flushing.

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